February 7, 2010

Homecoming chapter 7 teaser pt 3

Here is the next and final teaser for Homecoming chapter 7 which I hope to have up by Wed. I will tell you the chapter starts out giving a little bit more background on Bella *not everything yet patients dears* and Edward's birthday party is also in the chapter ;)

Bella’s POV
My room is dark and Alice is sleeping soundly in the bed beside me. I’m thankful she has finally run out of energy, because I’m tired. She painted my toe nails and finger nails, made me put green goop on my face, which I had to wash off once it hardened and then I had to try on dresses from my closet so she could pick out the perfect outfit for me to wear to Edward’s birthday party. I’ve never been to a party before but my self appointed bff assures me we will have a blast.

I’m not really sure what a BFF is, but apparently I’m Alice’s. I mean Alice explained that it’s best friends forever, but what is a best friend? I’ve never had a regular friend and now I have a best friend? It’s a little overwhelming, especially since I have no idea what is expected of me in my new capacity as Alice’s bff. Don’t get me wrong I’m honored that Alice would think of me as her friend. She is a sweet girl and while she sometimes scares me with her exuberance, and I also find myself envying her as well. I envy the fact that she knows what she wants and goes for it, I envy that she knows who her parents really are, and that she knows who her brother is. Most importantly I envy her the fact she never had to deal with Renee.

Mostly I just like her though. I think it would be hard not to like Alice. Her natural warmth and her genuine nature would leave her open to only the coldest of hearts not liking her. So now I am Alice’s bff. I wonder if that means I could ask her what to call Charlie Swan? I wonder if anyone has noticed I’ve never directly called him? I honestly don’t know what to call him. Charlie? Chief Swan? Mr. Swan? Dad? These people are so different from what Renee told me to expect. I’m still waiting for that other shoe to fall and for them to turn into the monsters Renee assured me were waiting for me here.

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