February 9, 2010


Hello my lovely readers and also strangers who stumbled upon this site. First I want to recommend a new Twilight blog being run by my bestie for life Naughty Kitty's Twilight World she's sarcastic and funny and starting to find her footing with this blog, if you want to check her out ;) If your feeling frisky leave her a comment saying I sent you.

Next I'm sure by now most of you have heard about the Fanfiction.net fic pulls. Several awesome fan fictions have been given warnings or being pulled, because of lemons. Basically a bunch of people have started going into rated M fics and reporting them for violations of ff.net terms of service.
With this happening I decided to go in search of a new place to post my fics and I believe I have found it. The site is called The Writer's Coffee Shop Library, and I've already started moving my fics over there, though for the moment I will be posting on both sites. It has an easy read system and it allows smut lol. It's still a small site but it has a lot of Twilight fan fiction already up. I encourage you to check out the site, it also has The Perfect Wife up on it now, another story that FF.net had pulled.
If at any point I receive a warning, which is possible with my fics, especially Tempting Bella, I will be moving all of my stories there and deleting out my ff.net account. I hate to do this, but I don't want to feel censored in my writing.

Thank you all for reading my rant and please don't be mad about this I'm just trying to ensure that my readers will be able to read my even if ff.net tries to pull them. Plus once they gave Emancipation Proclamation and all of Tarasueme's fics warnings I knew ff.net was not a place for writers to express themselves. All of those are very well written and highly rated works of fan fiction and the fact that these authors are being punished for their creativity by that site offended me and pissed me off.

Ok I will stop ranting now lol. Once again thanks for your time and patients and I will try and get that update of Homecoming up soon ;) Oh and you can follow me on Twitter if you want.

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