March 24, 2010

Homecoming chapter 12 teaser 1

Ok here is the first written teaser for this chapter, there will be a visual one coming soon, and maybe a 2nd written. Don't worry though, Phil wasn't a dream.

I woke up slowly, I just had the craziest dream that Phil showed up at Charlie’s house and tried to kill me. I hear snoring beside me and look to find Alice and Noel sleeping soundly. I can’t decide who is snoring louder Alice or Noel. This of course makes me want to giggle, but I hold it in so as not to wake them. I gently get up to go to the rest room, and almost trip over one of Alice’s shoes. Getting in the bathroom I do my little morning ritual of tinkling and washing my face. I went to brush my teeth but only saw Alice’s toothbrush.

Wait, why am I in Alice’s bathroom?

Umm, when did I get to Alice’s house?

Breathe Bella, I tell myself.

I go back into Alice’s room and notice my travel bag Charlie bought me for sleepovers and find my toothbrush and some clean clothes, thankfully. I know I need to find answers to why I’m here, and how I forgot about coming here, but first things first. Stank morning breath must go.

Finishing up, I left Noel and Alice to their slumber, they look to peaceful to wake. I just hope someone is up downstairs, and that they don’t have me put in the hospital for insanity or something. Reaching the bottom of the stairs I can smell coffee and cinnamon.

“Good morning sleepy head.”

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