March 24, 2010

Today I had the pleasure of sitting down with Edward and Emmett from my story Homecoming. Unfortunatly the other characters were busy so we are just stuck with these two. *AN: I may have planned this hello Em/Ed/Liv sandwich??? GO ME!!!

Liv: Hello guys thanks so much for taking time to talk to me, when I’m not writing a chapter.

Ed: No problem.

Em: You made brownies, of course I showed up.

Liv: *blushes* Ok well let’s get this going. Our first question comes from Sugunary
Edward & Emmett: Would you really be upset with your best friend for dating your little sister?

Ed: I know this might sound old fashion, but I think my sister is to young to start dating right now. She has led a very sheltered and protected life, and still sees everything as having a happy ever after, I’d be worried about Alice getting hurt. In a few years when she is older I really wouldn’t have a problem with it. I trust Jasper, we all know that’s who Alice would pick, no offence Em, he would be a great match for her in a few years.

Em: No office taken, and I have to say the thought of Bella dating makes me want to hurl. Bella dating one of my boys, a little less hurlage, but still not cool. She’s just a baby still.

Liv: *mutters to self about archaic males* Ok our next question comes from Nisa
Edward: Do you feel that you are giving Bella the wrong idea of your friendship by being so "hands on" with her?

Ed: Bella is a very sweet girl, and I feel extremely protect of her. I don’t think that I am sending out any false signals. Emmett would probably be the first to point it out to me if I were, with his fist to my face.

Em: True dat.

Liv: Ok moving on. Our next one comes from Amber Emmett, are you and Vicky dating? And if not does she know that?

Em: Vicky and I are good friends, she knows this. That freaking When Harry Met Sally was all lies, guys and girls can be buds.

Liv: Yes Em they can. *Whispers to readers: But we all know Vicky wants to play hide the salami with Em ;0)* Our last question for this session comes from the wonderful Kitty Em and Edward, do you think you overreacted to Jacob at the 4th of July BBQ?

Em: No.

Ed: I think we may have taken it to the extreme. Like I said before I feel very protective of Bella. If you had seen the sadness in her eyes, and the fear on her sweet face, you would have gone after him too.

Em: It’s not like we hit him, we just told him to watch his fucking mouth.

Ed: That is true, we explained to him that Bella’s mother is not a subject that is open for discussion, ever.

Em: And I was nice, I said this is a warning, next time though he would walk away black and blue.

Ed: I may or may not have mentioned that as a Doctor my Father has access to all sorts of medicines that can induce death. But that was mainly to scare the pup.

Liv: *clears throat, oddly turned on by Edward’s death threats to Jake* Well lovelies, since we just got Em and Edward today I kept it short. Hope you enjoyed, sorry if it sucked.

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