April 19, 2010


So I'm working on updates for my stories, but I thought I'd give some recs of little know stories that I heart big time! All of them are completed, so you don't have to wait around for updates ;0) Check them out :0). I might do some more recs at another time.

A Deeper Shade of Green
Bella moves to Forks for her senior year. When a mysterious new student turns her world upside down, will she have the strength to resist him, or is she destined to repeat her old mistakes? Will he be able to save her when the past catches up with her? AH

Type O Negative
Bella has been holding out for a hero all her life. But when she finally finds him in a pair of "freaky yellow eyes," she realizes she's destined to be only his sidekick. And the hero never falls for the sidekick. An AU dark comedy.

Love Net
Bella chances upon Edward in a chat room and despite the distance they begin to fall in love. But what secrets is Edward hiding and can they overcome the obstacles standing between them? AH BxE Rated M

The Beauty and The Geek
Edward Cullen is a painfully shy intellectual desperately in love with his quiet, beautiful classmate Bella Swan. Slight Twilight Parody. Originally written for The Sexy Edward Contest. Expanded from one-shot to novella. RATED M. AU/AH/OOC. EPOV/BPOV.

Edward Cullen Dick for Hire
Private Eye Edward Cullen is a hot shot around the DC area, ready for anything until Bella Swan arrives in town as his competition. Can he solve his cases AND keep up with the curve balls she throws at him? AH BxE, Language, Lemons, Laughing, Violence

Teacher's Pet
Bella moved on after Edward left her and is now a teacher. When she starts at a new school, destiny intervenes to reunite them. Now she is faced with new challenges/decisions. B&E/Canon Pairs/Lemons/Violence. -COMPLETE

Burning The Edges
Bella is an anti-social pyro with a colorful personality. However, she soon begins to make friends, face enemies, learn what her family means, and finds out some things she never knew she was missing in her life. AH, AU, OOC mostly for Bella

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