April 20, 2010

Homecoming Chapter 17 Teaser

First I've been asked about my craptastic banners, if you would like to use one let me know and I'll send you the code, I don't mind hosting the image I have the unlimited thing on photobucket.

So I've posted some of this on the thread, but added the visual for the blog ;0)

“Chief Swan,” Edward starts out formally while running his hand through is hair and shifting around nervously a little, “I was uhh wondering if it would be alright umm…” He trails off and I’m fighting a laugh at his awkwardness, I’ve never seen Edward like this. My eyes cut to Carlisle who is having a harder time than me with the laughter issue.

“Wondering what Edward?” I question him, giving him the look I give suspects that I’m interrogating. He cringes a little and looks to Jasper for support. Jasper doesn’t seem to be much help though he is staring at a blade of grass and mumbling to himself.

“Well I was wondering if it would be alright,” he pauses for a deep breath and pinches the bridge of his nose, something I’ve seen Carlisle do when stressed out, “if I could ask Bella to dinner and a movie Saturday?” He finishes, and it comes out fast like one long word.

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