June 18, 2010

Homecoming Chapter 23 Teaser

Here is the 1st teaser for chapter 23 which should be posted on Tuesday :0)

Bella’s POV
Sunday was a little gloomier than Saturday but that didn’t stop Charlie and his plans. After church he asks Emmett and I if we wanted to go with him to La Push to visit with Billy. Billy and Charlie are planning on utilizing this nicer weather to barbeque and also plan on watching the Seahawks game.
“Sorry Dad I just want to veg out and watch the game at home. Not in the mood to go visiting.” Emmett declines Charlie’s offer.
“No problem son.” Charlie claps him on the back and gives him an understanding smile.
Ever since Rosalie’s bombshell Emmett has been quiet and solitary. I know I haven’t known him long but he’s always seemed to enjoy being around people, and right now he just closes himself off. I’m tempted to stay here with him, just so he’s not alone but I have this feeling that is exactly what he wants.
“What about you sweetheart?” Charlie asks me.
“I’ll go.” I give him a smile to let him know that I’m willing. “Do I have time to change?” I really don’t want to wear my church clothes any longer today.
“Go ahead, I need to get this tie off as well.” Charlie laughs and follows me up the stairs to go to his room to change.

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