June 19, 2010

New One Shot

I have a new one shot coming out very soon, I thought I'd give you all a little sneak peak.

Bella's POV

“But Bella, that was Edward Cullen.” He says it like Edward Cullen is more important than the President or something.
“Seth I really don’t give a crap about some idiot with a death wish. It’s time to go home.” I hear a disgruntled noise and look up to find pretty boy standing there.
“And I could give a fuck about a bitch with a stick so far up her ass she can barely walk.” He retorts and storms off.
“Well that seemed to go well.” Seth says sarcastically.
“You’ve been hanging out with me too much.” I mutter.
“Bella, I live with you, of course I’ve been hanging out with you to much.” He jokes.
“Let’s go home Seth.” I say suddenly tired.

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