June 11, 2010

Homecoming FAQs

As promised here are some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers:
Q: Did Edward lie when he told Bella his story about almost being kidnapped?
A: No it was real.
Q: Is Bella going to be upset when she finds out Edward telling her his story was a set up?
A: No because it wasn’t. Charlie had yet to talk to Edward at this point, Edward took it upon himself to tell Bella because after her attack he was worried.
Q: Is this going to turn into a cheating fic?
A: No. Bella and Edward are not going to cheat on each other. I think they have both been through enough without that, plus I firmly believe Bella’s hole and Edward’s pole belong to each other. I can’t even read fics where there and Bella and Edward having sex with someone else, it’s icky to me lol.
Q: Are you going to write out all of Bella’s therapy sessions?
A: No, only a couple of the important ones.
Q: Where are the sexy times?
A: They will come, right now Bella isn’t up to sexy times. It would be so OCC for E and B in this story to be having sex right now. Things will progress though, heck they just became a couple ;0) give them time.
Q: Are we done with Tanya?
A: No, Tanya isn’t finished yet.
Q: What happened to the high school mean girls?
A: Bella has been protected from them up to this point. I’ve always had something planned for them, don’t worry we will see them again.
Q: Is there going to be anymore Jake in the story?
A: Yes.
Q: What is up with Vicky?
A: If you read the outtake in the Fics for Nashville, it was called A Glimpse into Victoria’s Mind. Which I will be posting August 1st as a regular o/t, you know a little bit more about her. She has always been planned this way.
Q: Why does Alice have to control all of Bella’s clothing choices?
A: She doesn’t. Yes Alice helps Bella pick things out, she guides her. But if Bella doesn’t feel comfortable in something, or doesn’t like it Alice will not force her/plead with her to wear it. I’m sorry if it has come off that way.
Q: Are Rose and Emmett going to get back together.
A: You’ll have to read to find out.
Q: Where are the outtakes posted?
A: As of right now there are none posted. When they are posted it will be separate from the story. I will let you know when they go up though.
Q: How is Bella going to handle Edward going off to school?
A: Ahh you’ll have to read to find out. Just remember Edward/Emmett/Jasper/Rose will all be leaving about the same time. This is an important part of the story later on.

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