June 11, 2010

Read Along

So I promised my readers that I would tell them more about the read along, since I've mentioned it a few times in my updates. It is the brain child of Mrs. TheKing *the author of Gynazole* The Fic Bridge website has all the official details. However basically readers pick a fic that they feel needs more love and schedule to host a read along on twitter. People follow along while posting quotes they like, sharing feelings on the chapters. Everyone is respectful, no fic bashing allowed. If you don't like a fic you just stop reading. It's like an fan fiction book club, online.

I have found this a wonderful way to find new fics to read. If someone feels passionate enough about a fic that they want to share it with so many then I find myself giving it a chance. Eight times out of ten I've found myself in love with the fic. Being a cannon whore, I've only avoided the non-B and E fics lol.

If you haven't tried the read along before, give it a shot. There are some great fics coming up. I'm hosting my second read along on July 22nd for Sway. The first was for Relative Wind :0). The calender is posted on The Fic Bridge website.

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