June 24, 2010

To The Extreme teaser

Bella's POV

Shoot what have I gotten myself into? I blame him. Between his stunningly intense green eyes, his bod and that attitude that he rocks he is one hell of a hot specimen of cocky yummy goodness. Whom clearly is able to get me to do things that I otherwise wouldn’t do. And that is why I’m now standing outside Jake’s apartment getting ready to ask him to a) baby sit Seth and b) help me figure out what the heck to wear.

What does one wear on a date with a guy who makes his living chancing death?
An image of black leather and way too much cleavage crosses my mind and I shudder. No way in hell am I changing who I am just to please a guy I’m not even sure I want to date. See naked, yes, date maybe not so much. He scares me. Not in the I think he might smack me around type way, but on so many other levels he scares me.
I knock on Jake’s door. Yea I could have used my key, but I didn’t think of that till after I heard him say coming. God I hope he meant he was coming to the door, and not that he was cumming.

Jacob comes to the door in all of his glory sporting a full length peach chiffon negligee. He’s wearing those fancy slippers that have heals and that furry stuff on the toe area. To top it all off he’s wearing a long red wig, in a Veronica Lake hair style. Ladies and gentleman, the tallest queen in the world. I giggle at my internal monologue. I love him to death, but sometimes he just goes overboard and I can’t help but get a laugh out of it.

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