June 23, 2010

To The Extreme update

Wow I can't believe the amount of people calling for this to become a full length story. Including about 20 pms which blew my mind. As many of you know I have a lot of open stories at the moment, and I want to get them finished up for you. However Starts With Goodbye and Causalities of Desire have been a bitch to write, so until they can flow they are on hiatus. The Prodigal update is coming soon and Homecoming updates every Tuesday.

So back to why you are really reading this... How can I deny my readers! So I will continue To The Extreme, however until Prodigal and Homecoming are done will only be updated when I can get a chapter written, meaning as of right now it is not a regularly updated story. However this doesn't mean it won't get updated. Right now so many chapter ideas are in my head that I can't stop writing on it.

That all being said I do have a good bit of the second chapter written. Here is a little visual teaser, what Edward and Bella wear on their 1st date. No clue when it will be posted, but since I'm about half way through the chapter I'd venture by this time next week it should be out.

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