July 6, 2010

Kind of Important

Well I'm having a very fuck you very much couple of days. I'm thinking I need to take a step back from the land of fanfiction. Between some really hurtful private messages and reviews on ff.net then having a rejection that basically called one of my stories shit I'm kinda hating the world of fanfiction right now. I don't feel like writing, I don't feel like reading it... I just kinda want to flip it the finger and tell it where it can shove itself.

That being said this is not a reflection on all the great friends that I've made in the fanfiction community, I still heart you all big time.

But I am taking a step back, and sometime off. I don't know how long this will last. I could wake up tomorrow revived and ready to write, it might be a week or two. In taking that step back I will be pretty much gone, I'm going to avoid twitter and my fanfiction email address. I just need some time. Regroup, revive and I need to decide if I really want to continue in the world of fanfiction. I promise that no matter my decision I will finish all of my current stories, I just don't know when.

Like I said I might wake up tomorrow or the next day ready to jump back in, this is just how I am feeling right now. Please respect my decision to take this break, I have enough going on in real life I really didn't need all this shit where I go to relax. Fanfiction was suppose to be fun, but right now at this moment it's just hurtful and pissing me off.


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  1. hey you!
    i was just reading your outtake when i read your author's note at the bottom about your hiatus and i was shocked that people are being jerks to you as well. I dont know what is wrong with people. But i hope everything works out and i just want to let you know that i support you and that you should take as long as of a break that you need!