July 26, 2010

To The Extreme

Final teaser for chapter 4

“I grew up in Seattle, but Grandpa Tony lived out here for years, own a shit ton of land, and a good sized house. When he died about ten years ago he left it to me, I was his favorite. And I knew my Mom loved the house so I had the idea that since there was so much land we could turn it into a private area to practice and shit. So we moved out here, Mom and Dad still have a place in the city too, but this is our main residence.”
“So you still live with Mom and Dad?” I joke. I’m trying to block out where we are, and humor seems the way to go.
“In a way, but not really. Emmett, Alice and I all had our own places built out here. Ali went for a two story Victorian style place, Em has some cross between a log cabin and ranch, and I went with a Neo-Colonial while the main house Mom and Dad live in was Georgian Colonial but they did some work on it and there is way more glass on it then a traditional Georgian. My Mom’s hobby is architecture, so we hear way to much about this shit.” He pauses, “And of course we have the track, pits, garages and a bunch of other shit out here.”

And a small glimpse into the compound.

Edward's House
Carlisle and Esme's House
Em and Rose's House
Jasper and Alice's House

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