July 24, 2010

Unbeta'd teaser of chapt. 4

“Bella just put it on. Stop being such a drama queen.” The real drama queen tells me.
Jake took it upon himself to go shopping for me. He decided I would just wear any old thing to Edward’s house, and in Jake’s opinion I couldn’t do that. No I had to wear a skirt, or dress. Why?
“Easy access for wall sex.” Jake explains to me, as I once again ask him why he bought me a freaking dress.
“We are going to look at dirt bikes, in the dirt. His parents will be there, no wall sexing going on Jake!” Ugh I swear. “I’m not wearing heels, pumps, or anything strappy either.” I’m in full pout mode. Jake’s in full I’m going to hold you down and dress you myself mode.
“She makes a point Jatina my love.” Paul, thank you! “Why not compromise, if she goes out with him again she wears that dress, and you can help her pick out something appropriate for today babe?”
“Cullen said jeans and t-shirts are the usual for his compound.” I may have exaggerated the word.
“Blah.” Jake whines. His eyes dull and he walks to my closet. “Here, here and here.” He tosses some of my nicer, newer jeans with a medium wash, a brown turtleneck sweater that I got on sale at old navy and a pair of old navy canvas bedazzled matching brown slip ons onto my bed. “I’m doing your damn hair.” He huffs then leaves the room so I can change. I can’t help the giggle that leaves me. He’s such a moody queen.

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