August 14, 2010

Homecoming teaser and info update

Thank you all so much for the understanding and support. My friend has been released from the hospital, she is at home on bed rest. Lucky for both of us she lives a couple houses down from me so it's easier to go over and help her out. I'm working a little bit here and there to get this finished up and I hope, hope to have it out to you by Tuesday, a week late but at least it's coming. It could be worse, it could be a few months late lol. To tide you over I'm posting a little teaser....

Charlie’s POV
Two weeks, two frustrating damn weeks have passed since Halloween and we’ve yet to have one clue on who broke into the house. Neighbors could only tell us that they had seen one person dressed in all black going up on the porch, at the time they thought it was a trick or treater and ignored them. Now everyone was on the lookout.

More “gifts” have arrived. The most disturbing was a set of green ladies underwear ripped up left in a wrapped box on the front porch. I didn’t know if this was a case of love gone wrong, or someone threatening my daughter.

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