September 1, 2010

To The Extreme Chapter 6 teaser

Yes I know I'm fail, real life has caused some writer's blog, but I am working on it...

Bella's POV

After being at the Cullen compound my apartment feels even smaller. Poor Seth I think the video games and big screen tvs spoiled him. He perches on the sofa flipping through the six clear channels we get on bunny ears muttering about flat screens and over five hundred channels. My kid brother was spoiled in less than thirty six hours.

“So did you have fun?” I ask him.

“Yea, it’s freaking amazing there Bella. It was kinda weird at first being back in Forks, then it just felt right.” He tells me. “So are you and Edward like a couple or something now?” Ok didn’t expect that, but maybe I should have.

“Uhh I’m not sure Seth.” Because I’m not. Cullen gave me a fantastic amount of hot sex and orgasmic bliss, but never said when we’d see him again, or asked me to be his girlfriend or anything like that.

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