September 24, 2010

Fandom for Preemies

I just wanted to let all of you know that I am one of over 95 authors donating a o/s or outtake to Fandom for Preemies (you can find donation information and instructions on the site). For a $5 donation the March of Dimes you get a kick ass compilation full of fics, and you get to help save the life of a newborn baby.

I'm personally donating a o/s called On The Other Foot, and I'm giving a little sneak peek here:

I can still remember the day when it all came together for me. I was depressed, completely bummed out, my best friend Jake kissed a girl named Leah at school and I couldn’t find one to kiss me. Even though I was only eight I was wondering if I would ever find a girl to kiss, or to love me. So sitting there watching Cinderella with my twin sister Alice, I saw the light. The answer to life’s problems. The answer to my current bummed out state, I saw the way to be happy like Mom and Dad, like Leah and Jake, like Prince Charming and Cinderella I needed to be in love. Clearly having a wife is what made my Dad and Prince Charming so happy. I knew what I needed now, I needed to find a girl to marry to be happy. The way to do that also was answered in that life changing movie.


I needed to find a girl with the perfect foot to make my wife. Prince Charming searched everywhere for the girl who would fit that dainty shoe. For the only girl in the land who’s foot most appealed to him. I knew that too would be my mission.

Thus began my journey to find the perfect foot to be my wife.

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