September 10, 2010

To The Extreme chapter 7

Here is the chapter 7 teaser, make sure to look at the post below this one, there is a kick ass video that Caius09 made for To The Extreme

Bella’s POV

“Mom?” I ask completely shocked that she is calling me.
“Hey baby girl, I have to tell you something, are you sitting down?” I nod, then realize she can see me.
“Yea Renee I’m sitting down.” It feels odd to call Renee Mom, Sue was always Mom. I mean I love Renee, she just wasn’t meant to be a Mom I guess.
“Sweetie Phil passed.”
“What?” Phil?
“Yea, oh baby girl it was horrible. We were in the middle of a spiritual orgy and his heart gave out.” She sobs.
“Orgy? Heart?” What the hell?
“Well you know we have certain beliefs and the Moon Goddess of Night requires an orgy when a Harvest moon appears.”
“Renee….” I just trail off not sure what to say, my mind is blank.

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  1. Um, .... I know Bella took Phil's death really hard last chapter, but upon hearing how Phil passed, I just want to laugh. Renee's tone isn't helping matters either. She sounds like they were doing nothing out of the ordinary *chuckles* Poor Bella.