November 19, 2010

To The Extreme

Alright honestly right now my time is limited so I haven't gotten around to the review replies with a teaser for To The Extreme so here is one to tide ya'll over :0)

“Fine he might not be the most attractive man in the world, but he’s hung like a horse.” She informs me.
“Fuck Tan, not in front of the fucking kid.”
“He says as he says fuck not once, but twice in front of the kid.” She laughs and it’s my turn to roll my eyes. “So I hear you have a girlfriend.” She says in a sing song voice.
“Yea, at least I think I do, she might fucking kill me when she find out about Faith.”
“Of Eddie, if she doesn’t understand, maybe she isn’t worth it.”
“She’s worth it Tanya. She’s so fucking worth it.”

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