December 11, 2010

Last Teaser for TTE chapter 9

So it's almost done, draft 5 is around 80% finished and if the baby keeps behaving it should be to beta 1 tonight :0) There is a teaser on the Teaser Monday's for the Fictionator's blog. and 1 below this, but due to the wait and the fact that I'm epic fail at sending out the review replies with the teaser I'm landing you 1 more out :0) Hope you like it!!

Bella's POV

“Dude that was wrong not telling her Tan was going to be with us.” Emmett backs me up, and Rose rolls her eyes.

“Speaks the one who knew better. Don’t make me make it two weeks Emmett.”

“Sorry babe.” He grunts and slouches. “Wonder when the beverage cart is going to roll around because my ass needs a fucking drink. But no Kool aid.” He tells me with a wink.

“No Kool aid.” Rose and I agree in unison.

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