January 6, 2011

Code and updates

Updates are being put out soon I swear!!! My Mom got really sick from her treatment and I was needed to help take care of her again, it wasn't pretty. She is feeling a little better, they gave her these kick ass put you to sleep anti nausea pills :0) Ok enough about my personal life, Homecoming update is 3/4ths finished and if things go right you should have it by Saturday. To The Extreme is about half way done, and I am working on review replies here and there. I would send out more but for some reason ff.net's review reply system locks up and blocks me a lot of the time :( I'm trying though!!!

As of now the plagiarist has taken down the story, and her profile where she tried to make it seem like I was an evil person who sent a witch hunt after her the innocent victim. Ahh well at least she's gone. The whole exchange just pissed me off, and gave me a wee bit of writer's block. But I'm getting by.

I had people tell me that my blog isn't letting them leave comments so I'm trying to get that fixed, I have no clue what is up with that. It's one more thing on my never ending to do list.

Oh I'm working on cleaning up my old stories Tempting Bella and Starts With Goodbye, if you have had beta experience, and would like to help hit me up with a pm on ffnet or twcsl.

Ok last bit of business, the code for the blinkie for To The Extreme, made by the lovely paigelovesrob. A reviewer asked for it, and I had someone else send a pm asking for it too, so I'm posting it here, since codes can't go through on ff.net replies.
[url=http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6069398/1][img]http://i607.photobucket.com/albums/tt160/dontrun/ttx2.gif [/img][/url]

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