December 28, 2010

The issue of the plagarist....

First I want to thank everyone who has supported me with the whole problem of the plagiarist. Even if some took it to the extreme (death threats are not cool ppl), this support is what has kept me here writing fanfiction when the whole plagiarism issue made me want to pull and run. Ok now on to the issue at hand....

The plagiarist has put up a post saying that she and I are trying to work out the issue, this is false. Why would I work out someone using parts of my work as their own story? her solution to this was to ask if she could write 3rd person, because clearly this will solve everything *insert sarcasm here*.

Unfortunately has done nothing, probably because the plagiarist pulled her story and put up that farce of an author's note before they had a chance to respond, meaning they didn't get to see the proof. So I'm trying not to blame them, though if "her story" goes back up and it's still way to much of mine I will report her again, if they fail to do anything this time I will pull my stories from that sight and work exclusively from TWCSL or even on a private blog if need be. All of you put to much time into this story for me not to post it somewhere for you to read the rest of the journey.

Please keep your eyes open for any plagiarism, on mine and others' stories. We do put a lot of time and effort, plus little pieces of ourselves into our writing and for someone else to take that hurts. As for this plagiarist I will let you all know if/when the situation is settled.

On a happier note I am working on an update for both Homecoming and To The Extreme that I hope to have up soon (like by the end of the year if things go well). And will be posting teasers very soon.

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