February 2, 2011

To The Extreme teaser

Here is a small teaser (unbeta'd) for chapter 10 of To The Extreme, it is almost ready, sorry about the delay this damn writer's block for the story sucks!!!


It was odd being back at work, after the weekend from the Twilight Zone that I had just lived through. Everything was so normal, and routine here. And everyone was clothed, which was a big plus. Tony offered to give me another day or two off to recover, but I needed the routine that came with being at work. I needed a sense of normalcy that had been lacking lately in my life. Between Edward crashing through my walls to make himself a part of my life, to Phil’s dying and my Mom’s utter crazy life I just needed something that reminded me of being me.

“Hey Bella!” Angela greets with a wave as she ties her apron around her.

“Hey Angie, how are things?”

“Good, Ben just got a promotion at work so I’m thinking about cutting back a few hours a week here. I could really use the extra time for school work.”

“I hear you girl. If we didn’t have Charlie’s social security check coming in for Seth every month to cover the rent I’d probably have to drop out completely.” That thousand dollar check on the first of every month paid the absorbent rent on our apartment, and the electric bill every month.

“Just think Bells in a couple of years we’ll be employed in a nine to five that doesn’t consist of soaking our achy feet at the end of our shift.” She sighed like it was the best thought ever, and it kinda was. A job that I wasn’t on my feed ninety nine percent of the time sounded divine.

“So true girlie, so true.”

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