March 24, 2011

IMPORTANT (at least to me it is)

This is so important to me that I'm posting it on my profile on fanfic as well. I've been reading my reviews for the latest chapter of To The Extreme today and while the majority of them warmed my heart and I thank each and every one of you, there were a couple, some that are for older chapter, but some for the current as well that really ticked me off.

If you don't like family oriented stories that include kids, babies, people getting married, and romance DON'T READ MY STUFF! While not every story will contain that I'm sick of getting reviews about how a baby ruined my story line. But it's just that MINE! I like kids and babies, I'm a single Mom of a child that is going to be one at the end of April and I do not see him as baggage. My Mom was a single Mom for many years, and she never saw me as baggage. I'm sick of the comments/reviews that infer that children/babies are baggage. Go write your own story if you don't like mine.

To the majority of my readers who are lovely and don't do this I'm sorry, this is not aimed at any of you. It's just something I had to get off my chest. Writing is my hobby and those couple of assholes who do this really, really piss me off and makes me less likely to share my stuff in the future. As it is I'm thinking of curtailing To The Extreme from a 30 chapter fic to only doing one more full chapter and an epilogue.


  1. Hun, the first rule of writing is:

    write what you know.

    You have a child, so why not write about kids? its your story and they dont have to read it. it ticks me off when reviewers feel they have a right to put you down.

    Dont let them get to you babe xxxx

  2. I wish people would stop being such morons. You said so yourself - if they don't like it, why continue to read it?
    I (still) haven't read your fics but I admire your outspokenness, and I hope you'll stay true to what you want to write, always. I don't get why people don't seem to understand that when authors write about something 'outside of the box', whatever that might be, it's usually very important for the writer themselves and they aim to show with their story that it's a beautiful thing. More power to single moms!

  3. For someone to put another person down for sharing their imagination is ludicrous!

    I truly believe the people who put down another person's story, do it because the only way that they can make themselves feel better is to hurt another. Sadly, these are also the non-functioning members of society who believe they have a say in it.

    Your stories are wonderful and I hope that you continue them how YOU want them to be.

    A writer writes a story for their pleasure, if people happen to like it along the way, BONUS!

  4. Fanfiction is a free world where there a lot of rampant plot bunnies running about..50% involve smut+love,30% angst and 20% sibling-parental love..
    So if the person does not want to read it,tell them to f*** off and read what they want and n...ot necessarily that fic..or point them out to homecoming,which though slightly angsty definitely doesnt have bella with a baby...

    SO girl,dont let some reviews get you down,you are still one of the best writers ever,I can assure you that..please keep writing as you you bb!!!