April 4, 2011

Homecoming Info, FAQ's answered

I just want to thank everyone for the support this last chapter :0) I wanted to just assure you all on a few things that have been asked not only here but in reviews:

Are Liam and Connor good: Yes, they are genuine. I brought them in to show Bella that she could trust others, and to also show her that her whole maternal side of her family wasn't evil and crazy.

Will Bella let them in: In time.

Are Liz and Charlie getting together: I hadn't planned on that. There seems to be an overwhelming amount of people who want that. There is just one problem, Liz would no longer be able to Bella's therapist because it would be a conflict of interest.

How much is left of this story: My outline has 38 chapters, so 4 more.

Will there be a sequel: I haven't decided, if there is it will be after To The Extreme and Without You are finished.

Will there be a HEA: Yes, at least to me there is.

When is the next update: I want to update To The Extreme next week, so I'd say by the end of the month if not sooner. Things have slowed down just a little here so hopefully updates will come quicker.

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