April 5, 2011

To The Extreme chapter 12 Teaser

“Whats with the bags?” Seth mumbles out around his apple.

“Don’t talk with your mouth full.” I automatically reply.

“To help your sister get ready. You see Bella has another date with Edward I’m so hot one look melted Prudella’s panties off Cullen.” I roll my eyes and smack the back of Jake’s head. “What? It’s the truth.” He defends himself.

“So who’s watching me?” Oh crap I knew I forgot something.


“Yes Bella I will watch Sethy for you.” Jake laughs. “He can help me make dinner for Paul. Ohh and in the spirit of the upcoming Halloween holiday, we can watch The Ring or The Wolfman. I love me a werewolf.” Jake fans himself.

“I always preferred vampires.” I tell him.

“You would be into the living dead. One word Bella, necrophilia.”

“At least they don’t shed like your wolfman would.” I argue back. Seth is laughing at us.

“Sethy you’re on my side right?” Jake bats his fake eyelashes and Seth laughs.

“Nah I’ve always like Zombies better.”

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