July 23, 2011


Wow it has been forever hasn't it? I'm still dealing with a bunch of drama in my real life, but I'm trying to dip my feet back into the water to write again. I can't promise when the updates will be coming but I do have a little bit written now. I've also did some drabbles trying to get my feet wet, I might post those, I haven't decided yet. For now I thought I would leave you all with a little teaser of the next chapter of Homecoming.


Bella's POV

After talking to Liz the morning after the disastrous meeting with my maternal Grandfather went down, I felt a little better about my reactions to him and the situation. It was nice to know though that Connor O'Rourke and his family didn’t have any plans force themselves into my life. And after much thought, and discussions with Liz, Alice, Esme and Edward I came to the conclusion that I could at least meet them. Esme suggested dinner at the Cullens’ house as a meeting point. I agreed, and though it was a bit uncomfortable at first I’m glad I agreed to go.

I was shocked to find out that I had a half-sister/cousin. It sounded weird at first till I found out that Liam and Maggie had adopted Claire, and not that Liam and Renee had a baby together. Claire was sweet and she made me swear to add her to my gchat and skype. Of all the O’Rourke family I’d have to say she was the one I was most comfortable with.

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