June 29, 2011

Update on me

Hey all in what I am calling the continuation of the year from hell I'm putting everything on temporary hiatus you see I am dealing with some major family health concerns. My step dad had a mild heart attack last week, followed by an even larger one the following day and my Mother is still going to treatments for cancer and this stress isn't helping her at all. On top of all that I'm having to take care of both of them my little sister since they can't watch her and my 1 year old son at this time. As soon as things get better here I will be back. Sorry for the inconvenience, but my family is way more important then my hobby of writing.

I just want to add that I promise it will all get finished, I'm not flouncing, nor would I want to flounce. If I have a night where I get time/inspiration to write I will. My mind is fried and I'm thinking of putting in for FMLA leave so I can maybe get some rest, because I'm still working during all of this. Le sigh, this really has been a year from hell.


  1. Please take care of your family and of you... I pray all goes well and you get that sleep you want : )

  2. Sweetie I know what its like dealing with cancer. My mom had stage 3 breast cancer and if you need to talk please feel free to contact me. Yes I am not going to there are day where you feel like giving up but what does not kill makes you stronger. I will keep you in my prayers. Just remember to breathe.