June 26, 2012

Update about me

At this time I am taking a vacation from the fandom. Due to being hurt one to many times and just needing some downtime away from it I'm going to be on break for awhile. I am trying to decide my future as a ff writer, and if I want to continue writing in a fandom where I've been treated like crap by some people I thought were friends. Basically being called stupid, and not smart enough to figure things out when you graduated from a decent college with honors and have most of a masters degree is not cool, nor will I put up with it. That amongst other things are what is behind this break. If and when I return I will start working on my stories again. 

I have met a lot of wonderful people in the fandom, however I have enough drama and shit going on in my real life that I don't need the extra added onto it. Little jabs, snarky remarks add up and to someone as sensitive as I am makes for depression and anger.  My son doesn't need his mother feeling these emotions, especially when I can easily step away from the cause. I will be honest I have been fighting the urge to delete my accounts for about a week now. I'm hoping this break will stop that urge. 

Thank you to those who have been supportive, and screw you to the assholes who are pushing me away from a place I used to love. 


  1. I am sorry that you feel that way. I can not believe that people can be so ugly. If they don't like it then they need to quit reading it. I hate that you feel that you need to quit. You write wonderful stories. You write with such feeling. I have you on author notice and I hope that some day I will get a notice that you are writing again. God bless you and enjoy your vacation and your break from FF. Hope to hear from you again.

  2. I hope that some time away brings you some peace of mind. It's terrible that some find it necessary to be disrespectful and offensive in their comments. I admire you for putting your stories out there and I have enjoyed all that I have read so far. It's a brave thing to put yourself out there and post your stories for everyone to read, especially under those circumstances. Constructive criticism is one thing, but taking the time to post negative and derogatory comments says more about that persons poor attitude/behavior than it does about your writing. I hope to see you back in the not too distant future.

  3. I'm sorry that you have to deal with that. I love all your stories, especially Homecoming which I'm thankful you finished. I would review and say nice stuff but I guess I always thought you got so many, mine wouldn't mean anything. My account on FF.net is BooBear1216. I really hope you don't let those people with their hurtful comments bring you down, though I do understand. They're jealous of you talents and how many people are touched and inspired by your work. Please, take all the time you need but don't let them take you from somewhere you once loved. They aren't worth it, hon. Trust me, more people love your stories and will be saddened if you never come back. I hope to hear that you've updated or started something new again very soon(not to be pushy hahaha) :)

  4. Thanks for the support :0) replies aren't working but I just want to thank all of you :0)