September 18, 2012

To The Extreme and more

First I wanted to take a moment and thank all of you who have shown so much love and patience over the last few months. I'm dealing with the haters, and trying to move past all the negatives, remembering how much I love this fandom. For those who have shown their support, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

Now for the news most of you probably want to hear....I am working on writing again. Besides finishing up my probably never will be published original novel (that never was a fanfic just saying) I have been working on my fics too. While some stories (damn you Motocrossward) have been giving me writer's block I've been doing outlines and chapters for others. I have written some on TTE, I'm thinking of doing a couple of shorter chapters to get back into the groove, but I want some banked so you never have to wait this crazy long again. I have included a little sneaky peak into chapter 13, or as I call it the bastard chapter that keeps giving me problems. It's a short peak, but I just wanted to show I HAVE been trying...the peak is after the break for those who don't like spoilers/teasers...

September faded into October, which flew by so quick I felt like I almost missed it. The weather turned cooler, and wetter if that was even possible. Halloween was on the horizon and my thirteen year old brother was ready for it, he was going as Cullen for his costume. My boyfriend found this hilarious, and facilitated this by ordering one of his jerseys from his “guy” and a helmet all in Seth’s size. I argued the cost but the ass just kissed me till I forgot about it.

Upon asking him what his daughter, Faith was going as he told me a football. He pulled up this website with a picture of a baby dressed as a football and Edward thought it was the coolest thing ever. I tried talking to him, worried because the custom looked like it was for a newborn, not a ten almost eleven month old child. That didn’t work so I did what Rose warned me to do in situations when your stubborn Cullen other half won’t listen, I called Esme. His Mom took the matter into her own hands, bought Faith a cute pink bunny costume and told Edward that is what she was wearing. Other than him, Emmett and Jasper pouting over it, the subject was closed and Faith was saved from being a football for her first Halloween.

sneak preview of visual aids after the next break

Costume Edward wanted .....
 What he got...

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