October 27, 2012

Updating info

So thanks to 57 people taking the poll and all of them saying to continue but 1 person I've decided to continue the fic. So here is the plan right now, I have a chapter with my beta that is a good size a little over 3000 words. I have some of another chapter ready, I had more but I keep deleting because it isn't doing what I want it too lol. I'm trying to decide if I want to post when it comes back from the beta, or when I have a few more chapters banked.

Starts With Goodbye for those who don't know I lost the comp it was on when I moved before, then I moved again. I know it is either packed away in my Mom's attic or my sister's basement. When my back is doing better (I'm on medical leave after messing it up) I'll go looking for it again.

Casualties and PR I'm not sure about. I'm about 90% sure Casualties is never going to get finished. PR is the opposite I feel like I will finish that one. However I just have to get back to it sooner or later.

I do have some new stories started, and I will post a new one sooner or later, I just want to have the majority of it done before I post so no one has to wait like this again.

Thanks for the support and patience.


*This was updated because I went back to google drive and saw it was 57 voters not just the 30 from my last check*

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