November 12, 2012

To The Extreme 14 Visual Aids and Story Recs

Ok so there is only 1 visual aid, Edward's new car aka his Dad mobile lol, only his is black but I couldn't find a good pic of it in black....

And I only have 2 story recs this week.
Hardcover Paranormal Romance is a side splitting good time. Geeky, socially awkward vampward, and a sarcastic all to human Bella have an unconventional romance, or is it a hatemance?

The Bandits of Bennett Circle

is a heartwarming romance between a slightly older Bella and one of the sweetest Edwards since the original novels. Bella's two sons set their new neighborhood on its ear, and change their Mother's and Edward's lives forever. I have to say this fic is so underreviewed and read and I can't understand why. It's well written, entertaining and prepare yourself to fall in love with her Edward.

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