December 15, 2012

First look at Homecoming: The College Years

Want to be the 1st on your block to read Homecoming: The College Years Prologue and 1st chapter? It will be only available in the Christmas Wished Compilation for Toys for Tots until late March of 2013. For just a $5 donation you'll be helping an underprivileged child have a nice Christmas and get a bunch of reading for your own pleasure, including the further adventures of the Homecoming gang. I've put a summary and a a little teaser after the jump for your reading pleasure.


Homecoming: The College Years by: Dontrun
Summary: The Sequel to Homecoming: Bella's life is finally on a steady course, with a loving family, a hot sweet boyfriend and friends that she can really rely on. As she and her friends take on the academic world, the stresses of becoming adults and the challenges that face them out of their loving homes can they stay on the right path? Or will temptation and danger get in the way? 

Bella's POV

   Since the week after Thanksgiving, Jasper had begun acting funny. We were all are worried about him. He was distant at times; you could be talking to him one minute and the next it was like he was never part of the conversation. His temper was easy to flare, sometimes for no reason at all. The once easy-going guy had a hair trigger that really put me on edge at times.

    His grades this semester were dismal for the most part; we were all worried he wasn’t going to pull off passing ones. Everyone had offered to help; he hem hawed around for a few minutes and then turned us down flat. Alice did all she could to try and bring him around, but he was basically ignoring her too. Their relationship was strained and it was easy to see even to a relationship novice, like myself, that if something didn’t change, they were going to break up.

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