December 8, 2012

Wanna know a secret?

Wanna know where you can read the 1st chapter of Homecoming: The College Years months before everyone else? The Christmas Wishes Compilation. As a Mom children's charities are extremely important to me and when I read that we had one going for Toys for Tots I was ecstatic and ready to jump in and help. I know times are tough and it's the holidays so money is stretched even tighter right now, so the last thing most of us want is someone else asking for donations. But when is a better time to help than the holidays? It is better to give than to receive after all.

Unlike some charities where a huge overhead is taken out of donations for the organization to run, 97% of donations to Toys for Tots goes to buying toys for the kids. That means your $5 or more donation is going where you want it to, into making a Christmas wish come true for a child in need. 

Make a donation here and send your receipt here and get a compilation with over 40 writers (including me hehe). So basically you make a kid's Christmas brighter, and get the gift of reading for yourself ;0), what could be better? Donations are so low your help is really needed so please thing about it!

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