August 6, 2013

Chapter 18 teaser

So it is finally here, and will be posting sooner rather than later since it is finished, the final full chapter of To The Extreme. The epilogue will follow shortly after the last chapter (its almost done as well).  If you don't like teasers don't read after the jump!!!

Here we go!

“You own Coral Bay?” I demand/ask him.
“Uhh… a bit of it, like maybe.. thirty percent. Uncle Eli, Tanya’s Dad owns the majority of it. Tony does all the work though.” He looks a little sheepish, but still his usual cocky as hell self.
“We are so going to talk about this later,” I inform him and he winks.
“Can we talk about it naked?” The ass.
“No.” I snort, trying to hold back a laugh at his wiggling eyebrows.
“Can we talk about it half naked?” He wiggles them again and lifts his t-shirt a bit so I can see those smexy abs.
“No.” I can’t help the giggle that comes through that time.
“Can I just say sorry that I should have told you, but I was too busy trying to get you to go out with me, and you were too busy giving me the bitch brow for me to think straight?”
“For now that will work,” I inform him.
“Sorry, baby.” Ding dang it, he flutters his eye lashes and puts his head on my shoulder, and I cave.
“Humph. Whatever.” I laugh and kiss the tip of his nose.

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