October 6, 2013

The Proposal outtake teaser

 So today I submitted the teaser for my little contribution to the Fandom for Friends compilation, which can be found here http://friends.fandomcause.info/. I hope that at least some of you are able to help out Mary by donating to this cause, writers like CaraNo and SexyLexiCullen are donating pieces for your enjoyment :0) For my part I am giving the marriage proposal from To The Extreme, since it was the highest asked for outtake. Please think about donating, the holidays are coming up and wouldn't it be awesome if Mary was able to have a home before winter? 

 Here is my attempt at making a banner and a small teaser for your reading pleasure !!!

“This one dude!” Em points at a ring in big circle with a pink tint to it. It just wasn’t my girl.

“No, not that one.” I tell him, then look for my other helper who is busy trying on bracelets in his own fucking world. Or should I say hers since he’s in his Jatina garb today?

“Gentlemen, and umm lady,” the shop keeper who can’t be any younger than 55 gives a timid smile to Jake who beams at being called a lady, “perhaps I can be of help?”

“He’s trying to find an engagement ring for my bestie, and it’s not going to well.” Jake says from his spot now beside the dangling earrings. I’m surprised he can get a word past the saliva in his mouth as he drools over the diamonds.

“I see, and is there anything specific you are looking for?”

“If I knew I’d have it picked out by now.” Feeling bad for getting grumpy with the guy I add, “Something special, but simple. She doesn’t like over the top, but she deserves more than just a cookie cutter ring.”

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