November 18, 2013

Power Play is coming soon

So the first few chapters of Power Play are done and beta'd and more are being written as quickly as I can get them out. I hope to start posting soon, but I want a few banked chapters so no one has to wait like they did last time for updates. There will be a Prologue, but for now I'm giving you a preview of chapter one, for those who like sneak peeks. So for those who want it look below the break and read the 1st official written preview of Power Play.

Bella's POV

   “I'm not doing it, Rose!” My yell could probably be heard through the whole apartment complex. “For the millionth time, I'm not crashing some rich people's party, where we'll probably be arrested for trespassing.”
   “Bella, please!” It's odd to see my beautiful strong cousin begging, it almost did me in. Almost.
   I really didn't want to be arrested for anything, let alone trespassing during one of the biggest charity fundraisers of the year.
   “Bella, I have to know, I just have to.” A tiny tear slipped down her right cheek, breaking my resolve to stay angry with her. Rushing to her side, I can't help but pull her into a tight hug to show my emotional support for her.
   “Rosie, I love you, but I don’t want to ruin our lives by going to jail, there has to be another way.” I swear in my mind that came across a lot stronger than the whiny almost begging version that actually slipped through my lips.
   “There isn’t, Bella, this is it. I have to know, I can’t live with this hanging over my head. The unknown is driving me insane.” Her blue/green eyes were so sad and I had to squeeze her tighter.

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