April 27, 2014

Between Then And Now chapter 10 teaser

I've been working on chapter 10, its going pretty good so far.  But I wanted to address some issues that came up with this last chapter before I post the teaser.

1. When are Bella and Edward getting together? Answer: Soon, there is a build up, it wouldn't fit with the store if they were already knocking boots. There are plenty of stories out there where they fall in love and get together within the first chapter or two, this isn't one of them. It is coming though.

2. Esme is a bitch. Answer to that thought: Nope she isn't I must not have her coming across right to you. Esme is a loving woman trying to deal with her situation in life. She really wants Rose and Carlisle to have a relationship.

3. Why was Esme willing to let Irina come to the family party? Answer: Part of it was curiousity of what this woman that was with her husband is like, part of it was trying to prove to herself and others that she isn't worried about Irina trying to take her husband and the last part is she genuinly wants Rose to be comfortable, and if that means inviting her Mom she will.

Ok thats is it for now, I hope I've settled some concerns. Below the break is the teaser :0) Enjoy!

A couple of cars lined the Cullen driveway as we made it through the gates. I was just glad to see that it looked like Esme kept to her word and the guest list only included Carlisle, Esme and the kids along with Emmett and his family. From my understanding the rest of the Cullen family hasn’t been let in on the secret about Rose yet.

“You ready?” I ask her.

“No.” She tells me, looking back behind us at the gate.

“Just remember not to threaten him with Dad’s badge because he golfs with the Governor and I guess that has more pull.” I joke trying to take her mind off things. “Of course Dad’s gun trumps just about everything, that man is a sharp shooter.”

“Bella, so not helping.”

“Well I’m sorry you know me when I’m nervous.”

“You lack filter and say crazy ass shit. Yes I know this.” She takes a deep breath. “Ok lets do this before I take a runner.”

“As Dad would say, I’m down.” She rolls her eyes and smacks my arm before opening the car door.

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