April 4, 2014

Between Then and Now chapter 9 sneak peek

Working on the update, and so far it is flowing pretty good. I'm hoping to have it out really, really soon. I'd give a day but I suck at sticking to that, so I'll just say soon. Below is the preview for those who want to see it.

Bella’s POV

    For the past three days a giant has been living in our small apartment, and loud noises have been coming from my cousin’s bedroom. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy for her finding that whole lust/love thing so quickly with a stud like Emmett, but I need sleep. I’m actually thinking about slipping some sleeping pills into their night time drinks so they’ll pass out and I can get a good nights rest without hearing their moaning and groaning through my wall.

       Damn side by side bedrooms.

           I haven’t had a moment alone with Rose to ask her if her stud puppy knows why we were at the Cullen’s. He was clearly friends with the family, just going off my knowledge of that garden party event. I worried that he would think she is using him for info or to do something to hurt the Cullens. Though honestly I don’t think any of this has crossed her lust filled mind yet.


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  2. I'm excited to read more.

    1. :0) I'm glad, hopefully it will be out soon.