June 19, 2014


Hey all sorry for the delays, I've been sick. I've developed vertigo with migraines, my doctor has limited my computer hours every day because of eye strain contributing to the migraines. Anyhoo I'm doing a bit better now and I've had an increase of time allowed for computer enjoyment so I'm trying to get back into the writing groove.

On a side note my Mom's tumors in her brain are looking great, but the one in her lung grew a little so they are putting her back on chemo. I want to thank you all for the thoughts and prayers and hope that you will continue to keep her in them.

Here is a little sneak peek at chapter 10, which is about 500 words from 3000 so if I can get it to 3000 or a bit over I will send it to my beautiful beta and getting up for all of you.

Bella's POV

We head towards the house slowly, and I can’t help but wonder if Rose’s hot brother is going to live up to my memory of him. I wonder if in the heat of the moment I was seeing this hot piece of man meat, when in reality he was just a regular level of nice looking. A girl can hope, but I’m not sure which way to hope because that was one fine piece of man, but then again he’s my cousin’s bio daddy’s kid so thats just plain weird. Does that make us related? No, but its awfully close to it. Damn I hope he’s not as hot as I remember him being. Then again it would be a shame against woman kind if that man isn’t as fine as I remember.

Before we can knock on the door it swings open and a bright yellow shirt comes at us, grabbing Rose in a hug. The woman looks about my parents age, and is probably a size 12 or 14, so I’m guessing its not Esme, unless she has taken to eating 24/7 since we last saw her.

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