July 27, 2014

Long time no see... please don't kill me.

So real life has been trying to even out, fic life lets just say nasty guest reviewers have been hitting and it isn't pretty. For example I received one review like this:

That is actually not the worst one, only the one calling me a bad mother and saying that DSS should take my kid away because I'm an idiot and spend my time online instead of being a mom got deleted in a rage. Just saying my kid wants for nothing when it comes to love, support and my time.

On a brighter note I sent chapter 10 off to my beta about 5 minutes ago so hopefully we'll get an update up by Tuesday or Wednesday. There will be visual aids, and I've written enough of chapter 11 that I can give out a teaser for reviews this time.

Thanks for not stoning me!!

Much love

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