May 10, 2013


LOL can you believe 2 post in one day? See I'm working my way back to the fandom and normal. I just thought I would share some info with all of you about future projects. Without You will no longer be posted as a fanfic, I got 3 chapters into writing it, scrapped it and found an original story completely void of Twilight in it so I decided to keep that story idea for OF instead of fanfic. Sorry for those who were looking for it, maybe someday I can share the book with you.

As for what is coming next? I've been working on a story on and off for awhile that I'm about ready to share with all of you. It's called Power Play, and it is a bit out of my norm, but still very much one of my fics so no one worry that its going to be to freaky lol. I've made (which we all know my skills lack but I love to try) a little sneak peak trailer for the fic, its quick and easy to follow and I hope the story seems like something you'd want to read. Hit me up with your thoughts :0)

*drum roll* Here is the world premiere of Power Play the movie lol (ok its basically a blinkie but ohh well)

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